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Dale King


March 20, 2024

The Gauntlet

The funnest fitness festival in the Tri-State returns Saturday, June 8th!

The 4 person (2 male / 2 female) team throwdown will feature a Competitor's Category, a Not So Serious Category, a brand new 4 Seasons Division!

This competition tests your ability to communicate as a team, problem solve on the fly, and of course your overall work capacity. It's not about finding the fittest, it's about finding the team that can work together the best.

The format is a shotgun cannonball style - meaning your team will work through 3-4 events 90 minutes straight with minimal breaks in between.

Get signed up here!


Competitor: This category is for the RX athlete who loves to compete, can do all the Open workouts RX’d.

Not So Serious: This division is great for first time athletes and people who just want to throw down. The workouts will still be very challenging but will be programmed with the athlete who typically just wants to scale and bail.

4 Seasons Age Division! The minimum cumulative team age must be 160. For example you could have a 50 year old dad, a 15 year old daughter, a 35 year old mom, and a 60 year old grandfather on the same team (160 total years). Or you could have 4 x 40 year olds on the same team. The programming will be the same as the Not So Serious Category. The intent here is to have folks of all ages compete together in a fun event.

The events will be take place at multiple locations throughout downtown Portsmouth with the gym being the central hub.

Also, the afterparty will be lit! This year we'll have live music and good times up the street at Patties & Pints and a follow on after-after party.

See you in June! 

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