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Dale King


July 31, 2022

Self-Reliance, Dispatch 003

“Never outsource your self reliance” 

Dispatches from the Front 003:

I have a long tenure in bullshit developed by group think and big organizations. 

  1. Liberal Arts Degree by a private university. 
  2. Served as an Intelligence Officer in the US Army deployed twice to Iraq. 
  3. Worked as a government contractor
  4. Worked as a federal employee for the Department of Energy
  5. Working with people with substance use disorder

In each of these experiences I trusted that someone “behind the green curtain” knew what they were doing. In each of these experiences in my life I was able to advance into higher levels and gain a sneak peek behind the green curtain and was disappointed to say the least by the decision makers. 

In college I didn’t learn much other than the discipline required to complete assignments in order to graduate on time. 

In the military I was sent to a war that was caused and promoted by faulty intelligence. 

Working for the government I could write an entire book about the lack of intestinal integrity and intellectual capacity. 

The opioid crisis was started by Pharmaceutical companies promoting pills as non-addictive, who then paid off government officials for FDA approval. The problem then was further intensified by Doctors who then flooded our area with scripts for cash. 

What attracted me to CrossFit in the beginning was that it flipped the bird to the exercise establishment. It was created out of a field of fraudulent and pseudo science. 20 years ago “experts” proclaimed you had to separate “cardio” and “strength” training, even further segmenting strength training based on body parts not functionality. Coupled with a “low fat” diet with the foundation being “healthy” grains = equals a recipe for an obesity epidemic. 

The common theme I’ve come to understand is never to subcontract your ability to think critically. People in positions of authority may not be as smart as you think and may not have your best interest in mind. 

Some things that will help dig a little deeper. 

  1. Are you taking their word for it? Why? 
  2. Where are you getting your information from? Who is funding that source?
  3. Have you talked with someone with an opposite view?
  4. Does it pass the common sense test? 

Always remember first reports in critical situations are almost always wrong. And never take anything at face value until you've done your own analysis.

Live your dream,


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