PSKC is dedicated to one very simple task: Building a stronger community.

PSKC was founded in 2010 with a simple mission – to make the Portsmouth area stronger and healthier. Going on a leap of faith, we found an old warehouse off the beaten path and opened the doors in August of 2010.

Since that time we’ve helped thousands of people, worked with military units, college and high school teams, kids, and the elderly. People of all ranges, walks of life, and background have increased their quality of life here.

For more on the history of PSKC click HERE.

We support our military, our veterans, and our community.

We are the “mom and pop” shop of gyms.

What makes us a difference from other gyms is that we care. PSKC is more than a business, it’s our passion to help make you better. Our goal is to give you the best hour of your day.

Our success as a business is a direct result of your success as a person.

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