What to eat..

What to eat..

Full Disclaimer:
I’m not qualified and/or smart enough to tell you what to eat. But I’m smart enough to know where to get the info from, so the purpose of this post is to provide the websites to you so you can learn for yourselves. More importantly, in order to avoid sounding like a hypocrite, I fall off the wagon more than I should when it comes to eating clean. However, my dietary habits have evolved significantly over the last year, and my performance and general well being has increased (and the pant size has decreased).  So when you see getting my chicken wings and Miller Lite on, it will make sense in the context of this “diet”.

On to the business:
Have you ever picked up and read the “ingredients” on the stuff you shovel in your mouth? Odds are you can’t pronounce it and you don’t know what it is. This includes so called healthy meals like Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers, any other crap out there…now ask yourself this question. Why the hell would you physically ingest something you don’t know what it is?

This lifestyle is not about a “diet”, the word diet assumes it’s a short term thing you will suffer through and give up at a later date. What I’m looking for is to change the way you look at food and how you eat. Let’s face it, if you take a look at the American Diet, it’s made for convenience and it’s made to be cheap. It’s caters to the increasing growing numbers of fat, weak, and lazy people in this country.
So what we should we eat…the answer is very simple. ALL NATURAL FOODS.

Here is your rule of thumb to follow; if you couldn’t kill it or pick it…don’t eat it. Very simple. The only problem is that if you are like me, you are addicted to the poisonous crap you’ve been fed your entire your life. And that’s exactly what it is an addiction. You’re addicted to sugar above all, and it will take time to kick this thing in the ass. So you’re going to have to do your research and arm yourself in this fight.

What I prescribe is more along the lines of the Paleo/Primal/Caveman way of eating. Click HERE to start your journey into what the Paleo diet is.

Mark’s Daily Apple is another great resource for following the Primal way – click HERE

Finally, here is a motivating website to start a 30 day challenge – click HERE

In closing here are some general tips to start out…

1) Change your food quality. Stay on the outsides of the grocery store and stick to it fresh, all natural, and organic foods. If you eat crap, you look like crap, and perform like crap, you will be ill.

2) Eat meats, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Try to eat them together at every meal. God provided these things to the earth for you to eat. Don’t really think God wanted us to bathe in high fructose corn syrup and various other cancer causing agents…but it will always be your choice.

3) Don’t starve yourself.  If you’re maintaining an active lifestyle you need calories…but you need QUALITY calories, not empty calories. Eat until you’re full, but don’t gorge yourself, you shouldn’t be walking around feeling bloated.

4) Drink water, then drink some water. How much water, lots of it. When you pee, it should be clear.

5) Stick to the 80-85/20-15 rule…try to eat clean 80-85% of the time. But allow yourself to cheat 15-20% of the time. If you truly stick to it, you might think you want to eat cake, chicken wings, and donuts…but you will feel sick afterwards. Saturdays are my cheat days…and I cheat like I train..with a crap ton on intensity and fun. I always pay for it come Sunday/Monday, but it allows me to reset and remember why I eat healthy.

6) The only supplements you really need are fish oil, and you need lots of it. Why? Click HERE

Bottom line is your health is your responsibility and your choice. The workouts will only get you so far, but take the toughness you’re learning in the gym and put it to use with your food choices. It’s not complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. After you do this religiously for a month, I promise you, you won’t want to go back to the way you used to eat.

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