“Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” – Albert Einstein
Character is often described as moral or ethical strength.
Moral and ethical strength is defined on a daily basis, through the decisions and actions we take. “Attitude” in this quote can be interpreted in many different ways, one being “perspective”.
How we perceive what happens, or even what could happen, is the start. It sets the tone for what is to follow… it often shapes the next decision, as Einstein writes. A poor perspective leads to a poor character.
It takes great work, great effort, to change our perceptions.
But the best part about it is that you can accomplish it in a moments notice.
Regardless of your perceptions of the past, or your character of the past, every decision moving forward is a new chance.

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Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3, 30 Min Cap. Score is time

400m KB Carry, 100x DL’s (53/35)

400m KB Carry, 80x Dbl KB Cleans

400m KB Carry, 60x Dbl KB FS

400m KB Carry, 40x Dbl KB Push Press

400m KB Carry, 20x KB Thrusters

Teams will run with one (53/35) KB, on run KB must be on the shoulder. Switch as needed

-Split all reps as needed

-KB Weight

Rx – 53/35

Intermediate – 44/26

Beginner – 26/18

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