There are no snow days at PSKC!

There are no snow days at PSKC!

That’s right…5 inches of snow won’t stop the beasts! We opened up the doors and served up a nice conditioning beat down tonight.

Introducing the twins of awesomeness

Running your body through intense physical training involving swinging, snatching, squatting, pressing, pulling, heavy ass kettlebells can make you stiff and sore especially if you’re coming into the gym after a period of inactivity. We are all in some sort of fitness debt (click HERE for explanation) when you come to PSKC, it’s just a matter of how we need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves in order to become more bad ass.

Two quick things you can always do:
1) Use picture perfect form…don’t get tired and allow yourself to look a sloppy mess trying to complete an exercise

2) Every single day at home and work….spend time working on increasing your mobility. See below…

“A metaphorical c@ck punch for opening your hips”? Some people’s usage of the English language is beautiful.

The importance of mobility…you gotta work your junk (take that statement however you want to). A genius on mobility and improving performance is Kelly Starrett and a pretty funny dude too. Please… I implore you right now to go to his blog and spend a considerable amount of time watching his clips on improving mobility. Then whatever you suck at (tight shoulders, low back, hips) travel deep within the “pain cave” and work on it! Don’t just do it today…do it every day, multiple times a day. Your joints, bones, and gristle are like a cold brick of clay…you must constantly work and roll them out to get them loose. There is a direct relationship between your mobility and your ability to be much better at the squat, press, swing,  pull ups, running, jumping….you know all the cool stuff that makes being a human fun.

At some point most people experience some sort of low back pain in their life. Myself included…I went to the chiropractor one time in my late 20s and as he was looking at my x-rays his quote to me was “you  have the low back of a 60 year old powerlifter”. Not exactly good news…but after some years spent playing ball, being in the military, and lifting weights incorrectly, it’s not too surprising either. Thanks Doc…much appreciated for your inspiring words. Here’s your $20 co-pay to tell me I suck and that you want to make adjustments on me the rest of my natural life.

So there has to be some sort of mystical ninja voodoo that will cure all of my ailments. I mean I refuse to accept that I need to fork over my money 2-3 times a week to get “adjusted”. Well, my friends there is a magical path to pain free enlightment and it involves daily practice working on joint mobility/flexibility, lots of exercise DONE CORRECTLY, and eating correctly and plenty of high quality H2O. Funny how these things typically will cure a lot of things….hmmmm.

So why do we have “low back” problems…it’s because we have tight hips. Why do we have tight hips? Because the majority (excluding people who dont’ work in an office setting) of people are either sitting down or laying down 2/3 of your life. Essentially for a significant part of your life you are hunched over (hip flexion, shoulders rounded) in a very not cool position/posture. A good amount of time spent in this position will lead to all kinds of imbalances you must take aggressive and daily action to fix.  Don’t believe me? Do the math nerd..

Text book postural shittiness. Hip flexion, rounded shoulders

8 hours/day sleeping + 8 hours a day in your chair at the office = 16 hours/day; 16/24 = 2/3
Boom you just got served..make fun of my pocket protector now (full disclosure I never had a pocket protector, but I did receive “most outstanding Chemistry” student in 1997).

God only knows what you’re doing the other 8 hours of the day but I bet a majority of that involves some sort of sitting too either in your car on the way to/from work or on the recliner/couch at home. Talk about devolving as a species. Your caveman ancestors would so be making fun of your soft slouching ass…those guys actually had to actively hunt for their food. Exercise wasn’t a chore to them…you had to run fast and lift heavy things on a daily basis to survive.

From knives and spears to cell phones and computers. Technology is great as long as you’re using it to be more awesome not more lazy. 

Now if you’re reading this blog, odds are you’re at least trying to spend 4-6 hours a week exercising…if you’re not you just suck and it’s your fault your joints hurt. Now…out of that 4-6 hours how much time is spent on improving the range of motion in your joints and working on your flexibility? I bet the answer rhymes with “not very much”.’

I hope for some of you that question was very eye opening….no wonder something is tight and/or in pain….if you’re not routinely maintainnig your vehicle don’t get pissed when something doesn’t work properly on it. Even for the hardcores who come to PSKC on average 4 times a week, the warm up we go through is not enough time to work on your mobility/flexibility. You must do it at home or work to maintain healthy ass kicking joints.

So go to and start your journey at feeling better. Do it now..venture deep into the pain cave and start being more awesome.

See you guys Saturday at 11am!!

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