The Horse You Should Bet On

The Horse You Should Bet On


In the book Dream Year by Ben Arment, he details the story of the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner “Mine that Bird”.

The Horse had no business being in the race let alone winning it. As a matter of fact the odds makers gave Mine That Bird 50 to 1 shot to win the Derby. The only problem was no one bothered to tell the horse and the jockey he wasn’t supposed to win.

Afterwards the jockey was interviewed about his secret of winning with such a huge underdog,  his reply:


In other words the jockey believed that the horse could do it, and raced him as such. Sometimes that’s all it takes, someone to believe in you even if you don’t believe in yourself.

We are products of our environment,  so why not place yourself in an environment where people believe in your capabilities? We can’t do it alone a and sometimes it takes someone to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

Whether it’s your first box jump, first rope climb, first goal you set and met. We believe in your ability and capability.  Why?

Because somewhere along the line,  someone believed in us. Some special people allowed us to see a vision fueled by their belief in what we could do.  We see that in you.

It’s not smoke and mirrors,  it’s a solid belief that is backed by 4 years of proof, evidence,  and results.  It’s a belief forged by hard work and through the training we endure.

If you’re willing to show up and put in the work, we know what will happen, even if you don’t can’t see it.

Imagine a place where everyone believed in your “good horse” abilities.  That place is PSKC.

The world has enough jockeys that are telling you can’t do it,  you can’t win. 50 to 1 odds is all you need. You’re exactly the kind of horse we’d bet on…so let’s get out there and run.

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