Special Thursday Pain Clinic at 4:30pm

Special Thursday Pain Clinic at 4:30pm

Platzers…the family that pushes sleds together…stays together

Because the members at PSKC are second to none…apparently the local paper has got wind of the madness that goes down inside a brick warehouse. So the Portsmouth Daily Times is scheduled to show up to PSKC this Thursday at 4:30pm…and we’re gonna show him what the hell we’re about….Pain Clinic style!

I would love for as many of you to show up if you can for a special 4:30pm Pain Clinic workout on Thursday. As a bonus, rock your PSKC t-shirt! We will still have the regular 6pm class, but we will not be having the 7pm class on Thursday.

In the aftermath of the “Hillbilly Heroin” episode; which showcased Portsmouth as a weak junky infested town, it’s more important than ever to show the community that there are those who refuse to stand for such weakness….that there is a different breed out there. So come on down this Thursday at 4:30pm…I want the entire community to know how strong and capable you all are!

On Monday…the weather was hot…and the finisher turned into a nasty sweatfeast…

Monday’s workout..
close to 30 people combined showed up on Monday to get a piece..

And a big congratulations to Primetime and Coach Mo! They both joined the ranks of the Muscle Hamster and did a Man-Maker with 2 X 53lb kettlebells (manmaker = pushup, renegade row, double clean and push press)

Suck it Muscle Hamster!

And tonight we tried to balance the body out by focusing on single arm/leg movements. See below..

Then we finished up with some butcher and bear crawl relays…the butcher never ceases to amaze with just how awful it truly is!

Also, we are growing! Want to send a big thanks to the record breaking intro class tonight! You guys did awesome…see you again tomorrow at 6pm! Don’t forget about the Thursday 4:30 Pain Clinic…now go eat some good food and get some good rest…

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