PSKC at the CFNA Winter Challenge

PSKC at the CFNA Winter Challenge

A crew from the compound made the icy/snowy trip up North to New Albany to compete in the Crossfit New Albany Winter Challenge. Typical with Crossfit competition it was mix of great workouts combined with even cooler people. The great thing about competing is you always learn something about yourself, more importantly you always take away a great desire to work harder and train your weaknesses. As usual I’m so damn proud of those who made the trip. There were so many highlights, but the couple that stick out in my head were the Honey Badger and Ninjy. Both these girls are new to Crossfit and had the stones to step up and compete. The Honey Badger had a tough time with wall walks (having never done one)..but she refused to quit and fought the entire time. Then on the other end, you had Quadzilla who finished in the top 10.

Below are some video recaps of the workouts. Hope to continue to bring more and more people to enjoy the Crossfit community at the next competition.

WOD #1

WOD #2

WOD #3

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