PSCK Back at the Ranch!

PSCK Back at the Ranch!

In late October PSKC went to go have a little fun at Crossfit competition called Back at the Ranch. It was put on by the great crew from Practice Crossfit in Troy. For many it was their first chance to get to compete. From the photos and videos you’ll see it was an amazing time and more importantly it was for a good cause.

a chilly start

The first team workout was a 1/2 mile team/buddy carry through a couple hills and creeks. After the run the team had to complete a total of 40 handstand pushups.

The individual workout was the same trail run but with 2 X 22lb bags of ice, followed up by 18 hand release hand stand pushups.

The next workout was a triplet involving thrusters, swings, and chest to bar pullups. For many of us it was the first time touching that chest to bar on the pullups, that extra distance adds up after a while.
Team workout number 3 was everyone’s favorite. 2 teammates working at a time, for 6 minutes of max ground to shoulder with the atlas stone! After workout 3, you got 5 minutes of rest then each team member had to find their max front squat…starting in the bottom.
Here’s one of the teams in the last minute of the stone workout:
Individual workout # 3 was 7 minutes to hit a max snatch, 5 minutes rest then a great workout combining wood chopping, stone lifting, and bag drags.
And here’s a look at the team finals..
It truly was a unique experience in an amazing, supportive, and encouraging atmosphere put on by Josh Bunch and his crew at Practice Crossfit. I’m very happy the PSKC crew got a chance to go out and compete.
Often times, I take events like this competition for granted. This is what our warehouse gym is all about. Camaderie through challenge…encouragement…always striving to be better. I’ve been involved in the Crossfit community since 2007. The last time I worked out at a conventional gym facility was in 2009. I’m very spoiled.
Over the weekend, when I went to visit my folks I worked out at the local YMCA before the OSU game. It was there I realized not everyone really enjoys going to the gym. I watched countless people come in, sign in, plug in their headphones and away they swam in the sea of machines. No one talked to each other, no one high fived, no one smiled. No one pushed each other..the block had been checked for the day.
That’s gotta suck. But on the other hand, the gym was packed for a Saturday morning. It was then that I realized that the people of PSKC are in the minority, and there’s so many more people out there who can change the way they train. Take a look at all the photos and videos in this post. Where else do you see that? Do you have that much fun, excitement and friendship built at your gym?
This Saturday we’re offering an hour and a half intro class at 10am. We haven’t offered one in a couple weeks, and I’ve received a couple emails from people wanting to come join the madness. Now is the time, don’t put it off any longer. Strength, health, results, and a group of kick ass people are waiting for you.
Hope to see you Saturday at 10am…
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