We are proud to announce Project TON!

What is Project Ton? It is an online 4 week weight loss, tracking, and accountability challenge where we are attempting to get at least 200 people to lose 10lbs a piece equaling a TON of weight. The challenge is FREE and available to anyone no matter your experience level, where you workout, or your preferred method of exercise.

Project TON will be ran through a FREE app where you will track your food, your workouts, and your weight.  The person who accumulates the most points will win a free year membership at PSKC!

How it works: Points will be awarded for every time you log your workouts (movement), your meals (nutrition), and your sleep (recovery). You will also get a point for every pound you lose during the challenge (weight loss). Weigh-ins are done on the honor system in the privacy of your own home or wherever you chose.

Our goal: We want to jump start 2019 through behavior change and awareness – not crash dieting for 30 days and then you fall back to your old habits. We want you to do some sort of movement everyday (yoga, running, CrossFit, bodybuilding, anything you prefer). We want you to have awareness of the foods you’re eating by tracking your intake, increase your sleep (minimum of 7 hours/day) and minimize anxiety/stress. It is our belief that by making an effort to move everyday, having awareness of the foods your eating, and being cognizant of the quality of your sleep will produce the best results for healthy and sustainable weight loss. Project TON will give you the tools you need to be successful.

When: Monday January 7th – Monday February 4th

What is in the app?

4 weeks of workouts you can do anywhere.

Detailed food guidelines, recipes, and meal prep tips.

Tips for better sleep and stress reduction.

Online coaching, accountability and encouragement with dozens of other participants.

Each day you’ll be able to:

 Review your daily tasks;

 Track your points;

 Check your ranking on the leaderboard;

 Upload measurements and photos;

 Log your meals and create a food journal

Here is a look at how the app works:

You will also get access to a closed Facebook group where you will receive daily workout and nutrition tips.

Registration for Project TON officially opens Wednesday, January 2nd. At that time we will publish the link and directions on how to download and use the app.

If you would like a more in depth program where we guarantee results, we are opening up our first Project 50 group for 2019. Project 50 is a weight loss program where we take 5 people who want to lose 10lbs each. We teach the fundamentals of good eating habits combined with exercise to help you reset your system, drop some pounds, and feel better.

During a typical session you’ll get a great workout, discuss good eating, stress management and mental toughness techniques. You’ll have routine check ins with a coach throughout the course and we will document the journey along the way.

If you’re interested in grabbing a Project 50 slot or want to have first access when Project TON goes live simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch!

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