Pre-Register for the Gauntlet Tomorrow!

Pre-Register for the Gauntlet Tomorrow!

gun show of the next generation

Hey guys…first up. I’m putting in the order for the Gauntlet T-Shirts after the last class tomorrow! Full details can be found here:
A lot of folks have said they’re coming, but haven’t pre-registered. Hate for you guys to miss out on the shirt! We will still accept registrations all the way until the morning of the Gauntlet, but I’ve got to get the shirts ordered by Tuesday. Also just found out we are going to have an awesome masseuse at the gym for the entire event, thanks Kelly Chabot!
Also, Primetime is going to have the official Gauntlet after party at her house. Beer and BBQ…but you gotta bring a dish and be prepared for beer fueled challenges!

Speaking of Primetime, she was kind of enough to ask the wife and I to come to Portsmouth West Elementary for career day for 2nd graders. I honestly was freaking out…first off I knew I couldn’t cuss, and then I had to worry about message I wanted to send. Well it turns out…2nd graders are amazed by Turkish Get Ups and burpees…so I was pretty much on their level.

ask any 2nd grader on the West Side, and they will tell you Ann is the strongest woman in the Tri-State area

So after we showed them how to do a burpee…we had “burpee races”, which as you can imagine was killer. It was a great time and want to send a big thanks to the staff at Portsmouth West Elementary!

See you guys tomorrow at 6 or 7. Garett has a special request for tomorrow…so make sure you guys thank him ahead of time!

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