Starting Monday we are revamping our evening schedule and we will also begin to offer an Olympic Lifting Program. Let’s discuss the Olympic Lifting Program (OLP):

Why Olympic Lifting? Benefits include:

-Developing Kinesthetic awareness.

-Increasing muscle fiber diameter.

-Increasing neural adaptations.

-Improving intra-muscular coordination.

-Improving inter-muscular coordination.

-Increased “Core” strength, stability, and control.

These are very fancy words essentially meaning that Olympic Lifting will make you a stronger, faster, more explosive, dynamic, and better human being. That being said, it’s not a sport you can pick up on your own. It requires a watchful eye and a knowledgable coach. Hence, the reason the entire staff at PSKC recently attended a USAW certification and have traveled to train and be coached at the Columbus Weightlifting Club. It is an Olympic sport after all. But once you master the fundamentals it can be incredibly rewarding and most importantly….FUN.

The goal of the OLP is to get you to master and practice the fundamentals. Then once you’re consistent with the mechanics you’ll be able to start hitting some pretty gnarly personal records (PRs). You’ll be strong, incredible explosive, and fast. All good qualities that will transfer over to better quality of life.

So here’s the details of the Olympic Lifting Program at PSKC:

1) In order to attend the Olympic Lifting Program you must attend the perquisite Lifting 101 intro class. This is where you will get with a USAW certified coach and begin to learn the fundamentals and mechanics of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Cost is $25. However, in order to get the program up and running we are offering a $15 intro class special this Friday at 5pm. We are only accepting 15 folks.

2) Upon completion of the OLP intro class. We will offer 2 classes a week (Thursday at 6:30pm and Saturday at 10am). During these classes you will receive hands on coaching in the technical aspects of the Olympic lifts. The classes will be kept small in order to provide more individualized attention. During the classes we will stress technique and work on the set up/progressions/and skill transfer exercises in order to increase your Olympic Lifting skill. For the entire hour we will focus on the snatch, clean, and jerk and accessories lifts/exercises to get you stronger.

Cost for the classes is the standard daily rate of $7/class. Please note this program is in addition to the regular strength and conditioning classes and therefore not included in the monthly membership.

Onto the new evening schedule:

Morning classes will stay the same (Monday-Saturday 9am), beginning Monday, April 30th we will offer the following class schedule in the evenings:

5:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class
6:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class

5:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class
6:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class

5:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class
6:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class

5:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class
6:30 – *Olympic Lifting

5:30 – Strength & Conditioning Class
*NO 6:30 CLASS

Saturday:0900 – PAIN CLINIC

So as you can see we’ve increased our class schedule to better accomodate you guys! We are anxiously and looking forward to the new schedule and the addition of the Olympic Lifting program! Can’t wait to get started.
Also, we have some openings available for a PSKC intro course tommorow at 7pm! Let your friends know. Thank you for your continued awesomeness…

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