Mo’s Muscle Up & Recipe of the Week

Mo’s Muscle Up & Recipe of the Week

Way to go Coach Cyborg! Those of you who know Mo for awhile know she’s been trying to slay the MUP monster for several months now. Several weeks of trying and getting frustrated..but she kept at it. Congrats Mo!

You guys have been training your ass off this week. The gym is full of energy as people are preparing for the Crossfit Open and attacking the daily workouts. It’s really a great thing to witness the support the entire gym is giving to one another. Combine that with the ongoing Paleo challenge and performance is shooting through the roof.

Just because you missed your chance to participate in the open this year, don’t feel left out. We know it’s a little crazy with all the talk of the Open workouts/strategy/etc..but anybody that wants to do the Open workouts…you can rock them out with us! It will be great training/experience for next year. Also, feel free to come down when we’re hosting the open workouts and cheer your ass off for your fellow PSKC teammates. It means a tremendous amount.

This Saturday around 10 of us are traveling up to Columbus to compete in 12.2 at the Arnold. This will be a great time in a very unique atmosphere. The majority of us are in the early heats (10am-12pm). So if you’re at the Arnold come on down and find us at the Crossfit event.

Onto the grub presented by Quadzilla…Steak salad with avocado dressing

6 oz top round steak
Handful fresh spinach
1 hard boiled egg sliced
2 strips bacon cooked crumbled
1/2 cup mushrooms

Cook steak on hot skillet in coconut oil 3-4 minutes each side. Remove and set aside.
On a plate arrange spinach, mushrooms, crumble bacon and sliced hard boiled egg.
Slice steak in thin strips and add to salad. Serve with avocado dressing.

Avocado Dressing
1 avocado
1/3 cup olive oil
Fresh parsley
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of garlic powder
*if not eating right away add lemon juice so avocado stays green*

For dressing add all ingredients to food processor and blend until creamy.

In closing, I will end with an extremely sad note. When you see the below photo, try not to cry. When I saw it I was immeditately brought to my knees….I have seen many a tragic and deplorable scene in my day…this my dear friends is near top of the list….

C’mon Man….we gotta do better

The below photo will show you how it should look like…on top goes the 2.5s, then the 5s…then the 10s..25s go on the right..the Gods of weightlifting will not permit PRs unless their babies go in the right cribs.
much better now…
Have a kickass weekend. We will have regular classes on Friday and we will be rocking the 9am Saturday morning Pain Clinic!
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