Modifying Workouts

Modifying Workouts

101 COURSE 1

Starting Monday we’re introducing a new system of modified workouts. We’re going to implement a modified system and give you guys 2 options to choose from when you cannot do the workout as prescribed (Rx’d).

We’ve been very fortunate to gain several new members in the last few months and we want to give everyone at the gym the best experience possible.  Doing the workout Rx’d should be everyone’s eventual goal, however it will take several months of consistent training, proper nutrition, and recovery to get up to consistently doing workouts Rx’d.

So what you’ll start seeing, is the daily workout with a modification 1 (mod 1) option and a modification 2 (mod 2) option.

Mod 1 – these workouts are designed for the beginners brand new to CrossFit.

Mod 2 – these are are intermediate level guys

Rx – someone who has around a year of CrossFit should be close to doing the majority of workouts Rx’d. Keep in mind at PSKC, our programming is designed to challenge the average athlete at the gym. We do not program for CrossFit games athletes.

Here is Monday’s Metcon with the mod options:

10:00 AMRAP
5-10-15-20, etc of:
Front Squats (135/95)
Chest 2 Bar Pullups

Mod 2:
10:00 AMRAP
5-10-15-20, etc of:
Front Squats (95/65)

Mod 1:
10:00 AMRAP
5-10-15-20, etc of:
Goblet Squats (35/18)
Jumping Pullups

So if you cannot do the workout Rx’d, depending upon your level you can choose mod 1 or mod 2.  For the beginners just starting out, it’s pretty simple you guys will always just default to the mod 1 option. If you’ve been with us for a while and having problems choosing which one, grab a quick talk with the coach and we will square you away. Sometimes we will need to push you to choose to go Rx and sometimes we will need to tell you to choose a lower mod. As always, leave your ego behind and trust in your coach.

What this does is gives you guys a uniform system for choosing modified workouts, so you can see your progress and have a goal to for progressing from mod 1 to mod 2 and all the way to consistently hitting that blue Rx button on Wodify.

As always, our goal is to give you the best hour of your day by providing you with the most well rounded, challenging, and safest workout for you at that given point in time.

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