Giving Thanks..

Giving Thanks..

We will be cancelling evening classes this Thursday and Friday but we’ll give you some opportunities to get in some nasty workouts (pre & post) Turkey day.




As you all prepare to be with loved ones and chow down this Thanksgiving, we just want to say THANK YOU. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by a community of awesome individuals. We love being with you all and witnessing you achieve your goals and change your lives for the better.

While we all love to read and watch amazing testimonials about weight lost, strength gained, and lives transformed. No one will deny how cool it is to watch Slusher deadlift, Zak clean and jerk, or see Ash attack workouts. The most important part of what we do in the gym is to make us more confident and capable for life outside the gym. This funny story that was emailed to us by Anita, a grandmother illustrates that point.

Just wanted to say thanks to PSKC because of you guys, last night I learned how strong I have become.

“Yep this granny had to rescue a grandchild. This is gonna sound a little silly but here is the short story. We were at Party Pros and my youngest grandson got away from me and climbed all the way to the top of the jungle gym. After frantically looking I found him, tried to talk him down but, no go. So here I go climbing ropes and ladders, crawling through tunnels and dodging kids, finally I make it to him and he was thrilled. I thought about just going down the slide to get back out but it dawned on me. You guys would never let us have the easy way out. (plus I didn’t want us to get kicked out because our party was just getting started) So I did it the hard way; I carried a 25lb kid back down, over, and through until we returned to the beginning. I thought about laying on the floor and panting like we all do but because of you guys I didn’t have to. I was in good enough shape as a grandma to do what those kids were doing and not even think about if I could or not. So thank you guys. This is a funny story but we all need to laugh sometimes. So laugh away because my family sure did. Thank you, Anita”

So as you gather around with your loved this Thanksgiving give thanks for the mental and physical strength you’ve obtained. Also please take time to remember those who are still serving in far away lands. Pray for their safety and strength.

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