Getting Back At It

Getting Back At It

2012 is in full swing and PSKC is back at it, to welcome everyone back Coach Cyborg said hello to the New Year with a full blown Sissy Test. A sissy test is an alternating ladder of swings and burpees. Start at 25 swings and do 1 burpee, 24 swings and 2 burpees, etc….all the way down to 25 burpees and 1 swing. A badge of courage to wear for all those who have completed it.

Speaking of the new year, new intro appointments are filling up FAST! Please remember we have changed the way we are bringing people into the program. You must set up an appointment first and the intro program covers 2 x 1 hour private sessions. After completion of the 2 sessions, you can hop right in with the regular crew. We have a few openings for tomorrow at 5pm, if you anyone is interested please email at:

Finally, we always manage to try and compete in local Crossfit competitions. There is one going down in New Albany on January 21st! It’s a great way to compete and see what areas  you need to improve on. Go to: for details and to sign up!

See you guys tomorrow for some great workouts at 9am or 6pm!

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