Getting after it..

Getting after it..

the men of Troy getting introduced to burpees

A great day at PSKC. Big thanks to Coach Rhea of Portsmouth’s basketball team..he brought the boys down to work on their explosiveness, teamwork, and mental toughness. To show what kind of coach Coach Rhea is, he was right there alongside his kids training with them, the epitome of leading by example. It was an honor to have those kids in the gym, I look forward to working with young men again. As long as you keep putting forth the effort you all did tonight, you will always be welcome.

warm up – the calm before the storm

After finishing up with the Trojan basketball team, we went right into the regular 7pm madness. We did a Blue Falcon type workout, but changed it up a bit by cutting the rounds in half but making everyone cycle through twice.

3 total minutes of pressing combined with overhead lockouts

The end result looks something like this….

See you guys Saturday at 11 for the Steven Hunter workout
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