Front Squats for Dayz

Front Squats for Dayz

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Front Squat (6 sets of 2)

1st Squat is a 2 second pause

2nd Squat is a regular front squat

Looking for a heavy attempt, but not an all out-max effort attempt. Go by feel here. If the weights feel good, continue to climb. All repetitions are taken from the rack.

Metcon (Time)

“Jack Squat”

21 x FS

21x OHS

400m Run

15x FS

15x OHS

400m Run

9x FS

9x OHS


FRONT SQUAT (135/95)







“Jack Squat”, we are again looking to complete all sets with at the absolute most, a single break per set. Modifying the loading to ensure that stimulus is met will bring about a conditioning-based 21-15-9 that we are after today. Let’s make this about our lungs and stamina, versus our absolute strength.

From a macro-level, we recognize that “stopping” is the last place we want to be in this workout. Stoppages will take place as we break on the barbell, or if a transition stops. To mitigate those, our first controller would be the runs. With only three 400’s, we naturally want to push our pace here, but not at the expense of stoppages. In other words, if we push the runs to the point where we need to break the round of 15 front squats due to metabolic reasons, we will likely be mismanaging our effort. We are looking at the runs as the “pacer” to ensure we have large, if not unbroken sets on the squats and swings. Once we have those sets dialed (stoppages minimized, or even eliminated), then we look to push the runs.

For a rough starting point on where this running pace should be, let’s start by visualizing what our 2 mile time trial run would pace like. It’s an aggressive pace, but one that allows us to continue to move inside the gym on the squats and swings.

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