From Warehouse to Compound – the Transformation of PSKC

From Warehouse to Compound – the Transformation of PSKC

From this….
to this….

One year is officially in the books…I just typed that and then took a minute to look at those words, incredible.

When I was in college I worked 3 years at the Powershack in Columbus, Ohio. I started out working the best then became a trainer. I’ll never forget telling my wife how cool it would be to own my gym one day. I quickly filed that “dream” away, as Uncle Sam had more pressing issues for me to think about.

Fast forward to August 28th, 2010….opening day of PSKC

On this day something special has begun..

I remember my thoughts being “could it work?” It wasn’t possible to envision a 1 year plan, I was just hoping I had enough to cover my 1 month plan. Lots of people were thinking/saying this type of thing wouldn’t work in Portsmouth. What businesses that aren’t hospital related or fast food chains actually do make it in Portsmouth afterall? I remember talking with the Cyborg before that opening day on Saturday and she was just hoping people would show up.

We didn’t offer air conditioning, towels, or comfort…just a brick warehouse full of steel, iron, sweat, love, and passion. We opened up, and you guys came..not only did you come but you suffered and sacrificed, you gave everything you had into the workouts…then you went home and told your friends.

amazing the strength and beauty of a friend’s helping hand

We took an old brick warehouse that was full of dirt and dust and gave her a little love (see above). We took a building that used to be the home to Portsmouth Casting Company. A company that produced strong, durable, and unbreakable equipment. Unfortunately, like many other Portsmouth based industries/businesses it shut down a few decades ago. The beginning of what would become some of the worst economic times small “rust belt” towns would suffer through and still do. Only the building remained…a vacant shell of better times.

Portsmouth Casting Co

After a year of countless hours of investing time, energy, love, and passion…the old warehouse that used to cast and mold strong iron products became a fitness compound that produces cast iron humans.

This year has been incredible. Without going into too much detail, my whole life I had been involved in something that gave me a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction. Early on I was heavily involved athletics. I was able to transition that drive and passion to the military. Serving my country and being deployed gave me an immense sense of pride and it will always be one of the highlights of my life. However, when I started my civilian/corporate career, there was something missing.
Was this me? Was this all I had to offer? Yes, it’s a good job for the area and it provides me benefits, pay, etc all of which I am very grateful. But was this it? The next 30 years of my life am I to be surrouded by cubicles, bad conversation, and people who have no passion? At the time it felt like I was stuck in the move “Office Space”. Would “casual Fridays” be the highlight of my work week?
Where was my sense of accomplishment? I used to support the fight against terrorism…I used to I couldn’t wait to get off work to hit the gym and then go play XBOX. Looking back I was kind of getting depressed. I had nothing to train for, I had no ball to chase. My mind and body were becoming softer…
Then through the grace of God, I was offered a chance to teach a few kettlebell classes a week at a local gym. From there the idea of PSKC began to take shape…the warehouse transformed into the compound, and it transformed me. Like my dog Brutus, I now had my beloved ball to chase again..
You guys have given me so much. I can only hope to give you the feeling that you all give me. There is never a day I’m not happy to open up the doors and write the workout on the board. Watching you guys do what you thought was impossible is deeply rewarding and addicting. I can only say thank you!
And the biggest thanks goes to my wife. I never really leave the gym. When I’m home she puts up with me being on the internet researching, reading, watching, writing posts, emails, texts, returning calls. Without her support this first year wouldn’t have been a reality. So thank you babe for allowing me to live my dream.
I don’t know what the next will hold. But I do know this it will be better than the first year. More weight will be lost, more strength gained, more smiles and laughter, more friendships/relationships cemented, more challenges, more sweat, more cold, more heat, more lives changed…1 year down, many more to come!
So many memories have been made and so many more to come. Starting tomorrow at 5pm for the 1 year anniversary workout and celebration. Voting is still going on for the workout. Hit the facebook page up and cast your vote! See you all tomorrow at 5pm, followed up by some ribs, beer, and laughter…
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