Dirty 30s

Dirty 30s

Tonight Dave and Monica introduced a little dirty 30 action to the crew. Dirty 30s consist of performing 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest for a total of 5 minutes. The exercises were:

Sandbag Squat
Pushups (any variation)
Butcher Pushes
Tire Drags
Double KB Press

Equal rest to work ratio can be tricky. If you are using the appropriate weight, it might start out “easy” in the beginning…but the wizard will always catch you in the end.

On my end, even though I’m out of town and miss my people, I always take advantage of any opportunity I can to train, learn, and be coached by others. It just so happens that my adopted home away from home is  CROSSFIT LEGION.

It’s always great to be coached and learn knew things, it’s even better to learn from great people, in this case it’s Henry and Justin (two former veterans) of CF Legion. For example, I come from a kettlebell background…but today they put this Southern Ohio kid through some good old fashioned gymnast training. They focused on teaching the hollow position, then progessing through knee ups, L-sits, knees to elbow, toes to bar, sweepers then ended with some “skin the cats” (as seen below).

Keep up the great work guys….

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