Cyborg Birthday Burpees at the Shoe!

Cyborg Birthday Burpees at the Shoe!

PSKC celebrating at the Shoe!

This weekend several of us from the gym made the trip up north to tailgate and go watch OSU beat Wisconsin in a game for the ages. Not only was the game a one of a kind experience, the Cyborg aka Coach Mo got to her celebrate her birthday by watching her first ever Ohio State game.

After the game we got to rush the field, and of course the Cyborg took advantage of the moment by getting her 27 birthday burpees on the game field. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!! You are much loved and respected by everyone who steps foot inside of PSKC. We are beyond lucky to have you!

Today we bumped the Mudder workout to Tuesday because some of folks couldn’t make the evening classes because of trick or treat. Have no fear, tomorrow’s workout will be scary…

Tonight we trained the front squat in the beginning. 5 X 5..

After the strength work we went into a finisher that was taken from Practice Crossfit. 100 hand release pushups for time, however every minute on the minute do 3 thrusters (95/65). Looked easy on the board, but was much more deceiving in execution.

Couple of announcements for this week:

1) If you want a hoodie and/or shirt. I need your order and money no later than Friday. Full details on the apparel can be found HERE. These will be limited quantities. So it’s important I have your order by Friday.

2) It’s dues week. Please pay your monthly dues this week.

3) Intro class will be this Saturday at 10am. It will be an hour and half long, as we want to cover the basics. Please get the word out and let your friends know. Also, remember who you refer so you can take advantage of the referral program!

See you guys tomorrow for a helluva Mudder workout!

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