Burpee Mile Madness & Saturday Gauntlet Details

Burpee Mile Madness & Saturday Gauntlet Details

On Memorial Day we had around 15 folks brave the incredible heat and incredible challenge of completing the Burpee Mile. Nothing but a mile long of burpee broad jumps in scorching 90 degree weather on the asphalt nonetheless.

It was truly inspiring to watch all you guys gut it out. Many of you said it was one the most mentally and physically demanding things you’ve ever done. But as much as it was demanding, it was rewarding. And most importantly it was an noble way to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

burpee #1
last burpee..

So this Saturday’s Gauntlet just keeps getting better. We now have 50 people! This year we’ve got an awesome lineup of competitors from the gym and folks as far reaching as Columbus , Wilmington , and Lexington , KY. Not to mention Infidel USA coming all the way from Boston and Derick Carver making the trip from Michigan!

The Gauntlet will be fun to watch and my good friend John Steiner of Infidel USA will be traveling all the way from Boston with his mobile Infidel Booth/Pullup Rig and Handstand Pushup Walls in tow. So we will be having mini-competitions throughout the day at the Infidel booth as well. John will have plenty of gear up for sale as well. In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to buy please check out:

http://infidelusa.com/store/Send John an email so he can make sure to bring whatever you’d like to purchase.

Seating will be limited, so bring your own lawn chair. Parking will also be limited if you get there late, just go ahead and park your time on 10th st. We will have some water, coffee, and fruit on hand. Don’t forget we’re also having a post -Gauntlet poolside BBQ/cookout at Coach Trappy’s house starting at 4pm. Please email me back if you’re planning on attending.
We cannot pull this off without your support. We still need judges and volunteers to make this thing run smooth. You can email me at: louisdaleking@yahoo.com if you’d like to volunteer for the Gauntlet. It’s gonna be one helluva good time!!
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