Brutal Bells

Brutal Bells

worth a 1000 words

Tonight’s partner finisher was brutal. That’s the great thing about kettlebells, the right combinations can be punishing…simple and effective. 

Partner WOD
Run Ladder from 1-10 in alternating partner fashion. Run up ladder with one arm at a time.
Perform this with kb cleans (partner not working hold bell in rack position)
Then perform this with kb Push Press (partner not working holds bell in OH position)
*Burpee penalty if bell has to be set down

Also, check out the official flyer for the upcoming Paleo Seminar!

We want a PACKED house for this. The mo the better! Print them off and pass them around and don’t forget to sign up in the gym. Or for you out of towners or those who prefer to pay online, click HERE to register/pay online!

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