Arnold Weekend 2014




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Arnold weekend was unreal…inspirational…unforgettable. I cannot adequately describe the environment or atmosphere. It was more than just a CrossFit competition it was 90 minutes of inspiration in action when Team Some Assembly Required took the floor and rocked the house. At the end of the day PSKC had a team that finished 3rd but more important and impressive was Some ¬†Assembly Required beating out 2 full bodied teams. Think about that…a team missing combined over 6 limbs beat out 2 teams of full bodied athletes.

These guys proved they didn’t want applause for showing up and “participating”..they wanted applause for kicking ass.

Here are some news clips about the team:




There are some people we’d like to thank for making this happen.

1) AJ from CrossFit Endeavor. It was AJ’s idea to put together a team. In addition to the ideas, he and his crew put up an HUGE event event that ran great.

2) Wes from Rogue American Apparel. He stepped up from the get go and supported these incredible athletes and PSKC. RAA is one of the few companies that put their customers first. Wes we cannot thank you enough brother. This wouldn’t have happened without you. In addition to being a great company..their gear is unreal. Please show your support for a veteran owned, American made company.

3) Meghan from Team Racing 4 Veterans. This organization’s sole purpose is to provide support and funding to our nation’s disabled veterans. They do that though getting veterans involved in fitness and more importantly CrossFit. Thank you for everything Meg.

4) The members of PSKC. Thank you guys..from the bottom of my heart. You guys have pitched in from the beginning to make this crazy idea a reality. Whatever was needed you guys were there.

5) Lastly and most importantly, the members of Some Assembly Required; Derick, Anthony, Eric, Kendra, Krystal, and Natalie. We are better people for knowing you and watching you guys compete. More impressive than your athletic performance is your kind hearts and indomitable spirit. The seeds you all planted over the Arnold weekend will grow in people’s hearts to be better people. You have given us all a great gift. This will be the first of many to come….