Always Teaching..

Always Teaching..

Coach Cyborg teaching the clean

I first got introduced to kettlebells and Crossfit while serving on active duty in 2007. I quickly learned there was much to learn. A few months later I bought some bells and watched as much Youtube as I could on learning how to do a swing, clean, snatch, etc..

For weeks I had pretty epic bruises on my wrists and forearms from constant pounding due to crappy cleans, snatchs and just overall crappy technique. Due to my ignorance I proudly wore them as badges of honor. As one my kettlebell instructors Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete says “if you’re gonna be dumb, you better be tough”.

I then thought to myself, maybe I should seek out someone who knows what the hell they’re doing. At the time, the ONLY Crossfit affiliate in Ohio was Rogue Fitness and the instructor/owner was Bill Henniger. Now keep in mind this was 2007 before Rogue Fitness became ROGUE FITNESS. So I went through a couple sessions with Bill and got a few workouts in and was hooked. Driving up to Columbus each time, that’s how obsessive I was. I remember thinking how cool it was that I made their website. Click HERE for the link…pretty funny from all the way back in August of 07.

From there I went onto to train and learn from the best there is in the kettlebell world: Jeff Martone, Mike Stehle, and Jim Milkowski and eventually going onto get my Crossfit Level I certification, and attending an Olympic lifting seminar with Charles Staley.

From all these folks and organizations…the one thing I was always impressed with was the quality of instruction. Very welcoming, no egos, just wanting to spread what true fitness is all about. That’s the one take away I was always wanted to give at PSKC…quality instruction. That’s why all the coaches are minimally Crossfit Level I certified and we always looking to attend different seminars, competitions, and certifications because we want to learn from the best and pass along the knowledge to you guys.

We changed the way we do our intro program for beginners, because we wanted to drill the basics and fundamentals for our new folks before attending regular classes. Speaking of which, big props to my boy Luke D. His first workout after completing the beginners’ program was a scaled down version of “McGhee”.

That’s also why every class we separate out those who want to work on their technique and offer open gyms…you must never stop learning, practicing, and growing.

Finally, if we’re not the experts in our field…we’ll go get them and bring them to you. That’s what we’ve done with our upcoming Paleo nutrition seminar that will take place this Saturday, Feburary 11th. Spots are filling up fast! Please click this link to register or sign up and pay at the gym. This will really be an amazing opportunity to learn and grow! See you at the compound…

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