The New and Improved 2019 PSKC Open

The CrossFit Open is a 5-week competition that hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters from around the world participate in.  Every Thursday for 5 weeks, starting February 21st, CrossFit headquarters announces a workout, and athletes have until the following Monday to complete the workout and submit their score.

The last few years, we have created our own PSKC Open called Friday Night LIghts, which consists of an in-house intramural team competition that utilizes the weekly Open workouts.  Athletes who participate in the PSKC Open, will have the opportunity to do the workout during their normal CrossFit class time on Friday, or to join us Friday night for our Friday Night Lights event starting at 5pm.

This year, we will have some new changes to our PSKC in-house competition.

For the 2019 PSKC Open, you are not required to sign up on the CrossFit Games website in order to participate in our PSKC Open.  If you still would like to register for the official CrossFit Games Open, to see how you stack up with other athletes around the world, you are more than welcome to sign up for it, but it is not mandatory.  This sign up can be done at games.crossfit.com

Teams – this year we are introducing CLASS WARFARE! Your team will be determined by which class you normally attend.

530am – Coach Sadie

9am – Coach Sara

Nooners – Coach Dale

430pm – Coach Ninjy & Heith

530pm & 630pm – Coach Hailee & Mo

Unloaded – Coach Cindi

What if you attend different classes? Then you’re a free agent and will have pledge your allegiance to a team when you register.

To sign up for the PSKC Open, just add your name and tshirt size to the sign up sheet at the whiteboard (see your coach). The cost for the PSKC Open is $30, and it includes your team shirt, which we will order. Once your name goes on the sign up sheet we will charge your wodify account. The deadline for signing up for the PSKC Open is Friday, February 15th to guarantee your shirt in time.

With the money raised from the open we want to purchase another Concept 2 Bike. In order to purchase the bike we need at least 50 athletes to register. If we get more than 50 athletes to register – the additional money will go towards another purchase for the gym that you pick!

PSKC Open Scoring:

Every team starts the week with 20 points – for every athlete who doesn’t complete (do the workout and log their score) you will be deducted one point per athlete. If every athlete on the team does the workout then you keep the points. So if you skip the workout you are costing your team. 

10 points will be awarded for the “ALL IN EFFORT” performance for that week. On each Monday during the PSKC Open each coach will nominate an athlete who displayed the best performance (most effort, best attitude, first pull up, etc) for that workout. The athlete with the most votes will win the award. The only rule is that you cannot vote for someone on your team.

We are excited for the new structure this year and are pumped for Friday NIght LIghts!

So see your coach and get signed up for the funnest 5 weeks of the year!


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