You’re Now a Mentor

You’re Now a Mentor


Do you remember your first time?

Barbells dropping,  bodies flying, sweat pouring. Straight up chaos. You didn’t even know what the hell the movements you were doing were called. It was intimidating.  There were people who looked like superheros.  Just one day you thought.  One day I’ll be there.

That day has now come. All the craziness is now second hand…you still have a long way to go but you’re stringing together double unders and pullups.  You’ve done a few workouts Rx’d. You’re 4-6 + months in, you still think of yourself as a beginner.  But to the eyes of someone who just completed the 101 you look like a rockstar. Now you’ve got a job to do. Help the new folks.

Recently we’ve been blessed with an onslaught of people who are new to CrossFit. We’ve had 3 back to back sold out 101 courses. If you’ve been to an evening class lately you know what we’re talking about. So here are some things you guys can do to help them out and pay back the favor one of the “veterans” did for you when you didn’t know the difference between a deadlift and a thruster.


Introduce yourself.  Simple but often forgotten. These guys are looking to you as a mentor and role model. Shake their hand and say hello. If there’s someone you don’t know or haven’t met it’s your responsibility to say hello.


Be patient.  If they are on “your” box or bar, it’s cool they’re just trying not to die. I know it might cost you an extra 20 seconds on your workout but let them go first.  Better yet before the workout give them a hand and help them set up their own space with their own equipment.


Remember when you were a beginner.  Be that person that was super nice and inspiring.  That’s your job now. Root the last person on,  wait until everyone is done before you put your gear up. Take someone under your wing and show them a tip or two that helped you out. We’re not wanting you to be a coach, just be that super cool senior who took a freshman under their wing and showed them the ropes.

We’re growing and it seems that we’re growing fast. This is a good thing. We’re in the stages of adding more classes, equipment,  and childcare to accommodate this growth. However with all this growth you all have a responsibility to now step up and show the new folks what PSKC is all about.  Never take lightly the positive impact you can have on someone.

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