Your Year of Challenge….of Change

Your Year of Challenge….of Change

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Above you see a mixture of members and coaches at PSKC. Some of the transformations took a few months to a few years, none of them are finished, continued works still in progress. They all may have different reasons for starting, but they all chose to start. They decided to challenge themselves. We want you to do the same. Make 2015 YOUR year, the year you chose to start.

Don’t make big sweeping resolutions this year, just focus on today and making that day the best you can. Be better today than you were yesterday. Repeat that everyday and you’ll see the results you want.

Not sure how to start? The first thing you can do is come to our free workout this Saturday at 9am. This is a chance to check out the gym and get a free workout in. Take the opportunity to talk to the coaches about your goals and what you want out of 2015. After that if you’re interested our next 101 course begins on Monday, January 5th at 530pm. We only have 3 spots remaining for January’s course, so please email if you’d like to get started.

This year we’re adding 2 free weeks of classes onto our 101 course.

So for $100, you get the 101 course (6 total sessions) and a FREE 2 week trial of classes that start immediately after you’ve completed the 101 course. After the 2 weeks is up you can decide if you want to join up .We’re confident you’ll be hooked, but for some reason if we’re not a good fit at least you got a chance to try it out.

I know all this can be a little overwhelming. But that’s what we’re here for, to help you every step of the way. This is your year, your chance, your challenge. All you need to do is shoot us an email.

P.S. Current members don’t worry we’ve got all kinds of challenges for you in 2015! Stay tuned!

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