Your Time is NOW

Your Time is NOW

Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished in 2013? Are you happy with the person you became and the progress you made? Or was it easier to make excuses for your lack of action?

We don’t want you make resolutions, this is what we challenge you to do in 2014:

DO NOT ACCEPT BULLSHIT…especially you’re own bullshit.

You are an American…doing epic shit is coded into your DNA. This is who you are. You are not born to be weak, soft, insecure, and lazy.

We have gotten way off track the last several years/decades. The normal is to look for handouts and blame others when things don’t go our way. It seems everyone is okay with being mediocre and doing just enough. Society has gotten weak and lazy, after all we are just products of our environment, right? If my neighbor is weak, my friends are weak, my boss is weak, my government is weak, then it must be okay for me to be weak? Each time you choose to be weak, you missed an opportunity to be strong.


Take the stand now. If you’re tired of being out of shape, go change it. You have that power…

Your self confidence is a direct result of self awareness, therefore your lack of self confidence is a direct result of your lack of self awareness.

How does one become self aware? By accepting challenge, confronting challenge, and finally overcoming challenge. REAL CHALLENGE …

You must develop EQUALLY the body and the mind.

I’ve been very fortunate to visit and train at Gym Jones in Utah. Mark Twight explains how you can use the gym to affect broader change in your life:

“Training is a symptom. It’s a magnifying lens we can use to examine our lives. And changing ourselves physically affects how we live life. The more physically capable we are – and prove it to ourselves – the more we choose to confront the psychologically difficult issues and the more able we are to resolve them” 

You must punish the body to perfect the soul.” 

Do not let fear dictate your life any longer. If you want true change, not 20lbs in 6 weeks change, lifestyle change…then you must sign up to confronting challenge on a consistent basis. There is no other way.

The good news is that we don’t let you do it alone. You’re guided by coaches that care deeply for you and surrounded by members who inspire you to keep pushing.


Your country, your community, and your family needs you. Not the mediocre you..not the person you’ve “settled” for. You need to become that person you dreamed you’d be when you were a young kid. When you believed anything was possible.  If that little kid could see you would they be thrilled at what they’ve become? Or disappointed?

Only you can answer the question. Answer it honestly…take some time to really evaluate who you are and what you want in life.

What do we do at PSKC? We challenge you. You earn what you get. You earn it..every f@cking rep, every f@cking pound, every f@cking second. We surround with people who will encourage to be better. Their example will inspire you, not intimidate you.

When the rest of the world is putting up with your bullshit, we won’t allow it. We know the person you’re destined become. We know what it takes to get you there. We guarantee results if you put in the time and effort.

Accept the challenge…that little kid is waiting.

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