Your Load Can Be Heavy or It Can Be Light..

Your Load Can Be Heavy or It Can Be Light..

You choose heavy or you can choose light..but you will always have a choice

Tonight the workout was as much mental as it was physical.

 I get asked all the time; “why do you all that crazy stuff?” or “What kind of things/stuff do you guys do there?” after giving a 10 second generic answer, sometimes their immediate reply is…”ohhh I could never do that”. On the outside I just smile and nod…. internally I’m thinking….

“yes, you’re right you never could do it because mentally you’re not willing to”…

Another question that is asked regularly, is why did you open up a gym during a recession in a town that has been on the economic down slide since the 1970s?!?

So here is my answer….we are not a gym, we are a club of like minded individuals who want to become better. My whole goal for PSKC is to create the most mentally and physically tough individuals in the Portsmouth area. The kettlebells and the workouts are our vehicle to learn about ourselves.

“You become what you do” …. take a minute and think about it.

How can you learn about yourself if you’re not constantly testing yourself? You go to work, you come home, you sit in front of the TV or XBOX and repeat….day after day…year after year. Suddenly 10 years becomes 20 and what do you have to show for it? You are alive, but your soul is dying a slow death. You became what you did…nothing.

“You become what you do”; is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Empty, untested, unknowing what you are capable of doing…is this the life you envisioned for yourself when you were younger?

Every time you enter PSKC, whatever is on the board does not matter. What matters is that you’re willing to commit fully to the task at hand….weights, times, reps…they do not matter. What does matter is that you pour yourself fully into the workout. The workouts at PSKC are your vehicle for clarity and enlightenment….however you still must be the driver. Enter tonight’s workout…

Very simple….it involved different exercises mixed with carrying an object around the block for a total of 6 times. Now here is where the mental aspect came into play. Each person chose the weight and/or object they thought was appropriate to carry. This is how you learn about yourself….anything in the gym was up for grabs to carry around the block. You could have picked a 10 lb med ball each time, you could have carried a loaded barbell, you could have picked up a person and carried them….the point of the exercise was to learn what you were willing to do.

Would you take the easy way out? Would you pick the light load? Would you quit along the way?

When faced with decisions in life will you shoulder the heavy burden or will you choose the light and easy way out? The people who enter PSKC know the answers to these questions, because they KNOW what they are made of….they TEST themselves, they LEARN about themselves….TIME and TIME again. Each day they become tougher….

Why, this towns needs them. For far too long this town and their people have chosen weakness, they’ve picked the light load. Now it’s time to shoulder the heavy burden if we ever want to become better…so.. your load can be heavy or it can be light….which will you choose?

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