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Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Beefy Tabata :30 work // :15 Rest

-Each Stations (movement)is 8 Rounds.

-1 Min of Rest after each round

Station 1 – OverHead Swings (53/35)

Station 2 – Burpees

Station 3- Ski/Bike

Station 4 – KB Snatch

Station 5- Mtn. Climbers w/hands of the KB

-Tabata’s are designed to move quickly, so choose a weight on the swings / snatches that you can do 20-25 reps unbroken when you are fresh

-KB Weight (44/26) -Rx

Intermediate – (35/18)

Beginner (26/18)

-Ski set damper between 4-6
“A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements.” – Bo Bennett

Complacency is a very real thing, and limits much of our growth. The challenging thing about it is that we can fall victim without hardly even noticing it. We are creatures of habit – which is a good thing – but, we need to constantly re-evaluate with that question. “Can this be done better?”

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