Why We Do Mudder Mondays…

Why We Do Mudder Mondays…

Morning crew mid way through the Mudder

In case you happened to be on Court street yesterday and saw a bunch of maniacs doing weighted runs/carry up and down the length of the street, don’t be alarmed it was just another Mudder Monday at PSKC.

So much for taking it easy after the Back at the Ranch competition. The workout consisted of:

Run to floodwall; men carry 40lbs, women carry 20lbs (approximately 1/2 mile)
50 squats
Run back to compound
50 pushups
Run to floodwall
50 squats
Run back to compound

That’s over 2 miles of suck..everyone did a great job finishing within the 30-45 minute ballpark. We started doing these “Mudder” workouts around 4 months ago to prepare for the Tough Mudder next month in Indiana. So we made sure to program weekly workouts that pushed more into the endurance threshold. It will definitely help as we’re in the final month of preparation. But after witnessing the camaraderie and teamwork that was on display at the Ranch, I have no doubt that PSKC crew will pull one another through the suck of the Mudder.

The course we’re doing is approximately 12 miles stuffed with 22 obstacles that will be done more than likely in the freezing cold. What can you expect? See below..

Any and all are welcome to suffer through this thing with team PSKC. We have about 12-15 people doing it so far. It’s not so much a race as it is a test to endure the suck. We’ll all be in it together…

Let me know if you’re interested. Click HERE and register under Team PSKC.

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