Why the Pain Clinic?

Why the Pain Clinic?

Hey guys..good to be back in God’s country, will even be better to get back to PSKC for Saturday’s Pain Clinic. So just why the hell do we call Saturday workouts “Pain Clinics”?

For those of you unfamiliar with southern Ohio….this area is PLAGUED by prescription pain medicine abuse and addiction. It is so bad that Scioto County has the notorious distinction for being on the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) top 10 list for trafficking pain medications in the COUNTRY.

For more info read this article Southern Ohio; home of the Pill Mills
Or see below..

These zombies are walking our streets only concerned with finding their next fix so they can numb their minds and bodies to their world. Blame who you will, the addict, the “business man”, the doctor… the one thing all these leaches have in common is mental and/or physical WEAKNESS.

The addict is physically, mentally, and emotionally weak. They are too scared to face life and sometimes that means facing its bitter harsh realities. It’s easy to run away, to not be responsible, to not experience pain.

The businessman is morally weak, instead of choosing to  actually contribute to their community, they choose to prey on the addicts to make a quick buck.

The Doctor is mentally weak. He chooses to sell his soul all in the name of the mighty dollar. Did you really spend a significant portion of your life in medical school just so you can dispense pain medication to the weak masses? What happened to you? What about the Hippocratic oath?

We at PSKC are a different breed. We live here, we see the devastation firsthand. We all know someone who is either an addict or worse…died from drug overdose. We see the once vibrant souls, full of laughter and life…now walk the streets as zombies…numb to the world.

We choose to chase the pain, not run from it. We understand that steel is only made through fire. We embrace the pain for we know that each time we enter the doors at PSKC, when we leave we will be stronger, fitter, better than we were when we entered.

Pain clinic peddlers and abusers be forewarned, we don’t want your weakness in our lives and in our towns. It is not an option, we are simply tougher than you. For the rest of you out there, if you feel the same come join us…the only way to fight weakness is with strength.

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