Who wants the Pump?!?

Who wants the Pump?!?

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Metcon (Time)

Partner Metcon

3 Rounds

9/6 Cal Row/Ski

21 S2O (95/65)

3 Rounds

15/12 Cal Row/Ski

15 S2O (115/75)

3 Rounds

21/18 Cal Row/Ski

9 S2O (135/95)

**20 Min Cap**

1 Partner starts on Barbell, one partner on Row/Ski, when both are done with their reps, switch places. When each partner has completed the couplet 3 times, you can then move on to the NEXT set of 3 Rounds.

Each Person will complete 9 total rounds!

Throughout the 9 total rounds, everyone MUST use Row & Ski at least 3x each. You cannot stay on 1 specific machine the entire workout.
Intent: There is NO time to pace, normally the person on the barbell will be complete first. Use this time for recovery! Then hit the Cal hard!


Be aware that as the reps DECREASE the weight INCREASES…Pick a weight that you can do 21 unbroken reps to start, and then add weight the next 2 rounds.


Bench Press (Work up to a heavy set of 5 Reps)

Alternate between Sets of Bench & Rope Pulls


Warm-up (No Measure)

4 Rounds

Seated Rope Sled/Kettlebell Pull – Increase Weight each Round

1 Round = Length of Old Turf Area

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