What You Should Be Learning from the Open

What You Should Be Learning from the Open

We are 2 weeks into the 2014 CrossFit Open season, and by now there are several lesson you should be learning.

On our team we have 42 athletes, over half of those are first timers. Many of the first timers haven’t even been CrossFitting for 6 months yet…I love that. You guys had the balls to sign up and challenge yourself.

Lesson 1:) It’s you versus you. 

Before you registered we nagged you to do it, not for the 2014 season, not to compare yourself to other CrossFitters..but to do it to compare yourself in 2015, 2016, and beyond. Unfortunately I didn’t do the 2011 Open so I didn’t have a baseline to compare myself against. I did 305 reps on 14. 1…that’s 305 more reps than I could have done 3 years ago, because I couldn’t do a single double under.

Lesson 2:) Not everyone gets a trophy

So far the workouts have been challenging and technically demanding. A double under workout followed by chest to bars pullups….GOOD. It was kick ass watching you guys get your first double unders and chest 2 bars pullups. Without these Open workouts, who knows how long it would have took to face your fears. Now you know what you suck at, and we’ve heard more vows to attack double unders and chest to bar pullups that ever. That’s exactly the attitude you should have. The Open will force you to get better if you start to work on your weaknesses.

Lesson 3:) Standards are standards

I personally hate the term “no rep”…the only time we use it is during competition settings. We are there to coach you, to tell you cues to perform full range of motion movements. In a given month you’ll probably hear “LOWER” in relation to squatting movements approximately 18,987 times. At a certain point it’s up to YOU the athlete to perform the movement to the standard. We can’t do it for you. Start holding yourself accountable in training, get used to doing things the way they’re supposed to be done so you don’t have to hear the term “no rep”.

Lesson 4:) Attitude is everything. Below was taken from a Facebook post from Chris after attempting overhead squats on 14.2:

“I am so proud of this little piece of paper (see above)!! I know there is zero reps and I did want to have a few. That being said, I did the best I could and that is all I can ask of myself or anyone. Considering that just a few months ago I couldn’t even get that weight over my head. I am proud. Happy that I did not chicken out…and yes, it did cross my mind. I have to say that I was scared. But Thanks so much with all my heart to My Coaches, Dale, Mo, Ashley and Zak they are so wonderful and they push us to be the best. I love all my gym family and they way everyone supports everyone else. So I am happy, not for the no reps but for the “Family at PSKC CrossFit” that I am lucky to have. Will keep trying and hoping that the next Open workout will be something I’m a bit better at. But either way I’ll be there giving it my all. Thanks and love you all.”

Whether you struggled to get 1 rep, or you were 1 rep away before the clock ran out. Be proud of the fact that you emptied it out, had the courage to compete, and gave it your all.

“The hardest skill to acquire in this sport is the one where you compete all out, give it all you have, and you are still getting beat no matter what you do. When you have the killer instinct to fight through that, it is very special.” – Eddie Reese

Lesson 5:) Relax and Enjoy It!

Remember the whole reason we’re doing this is for fun. Don’t ever lose site of that, or you’ll drive yourself crazy in the process. It’s not about you, it’s about the people you train with everyday and being there for them when they’re going through the same struggle you just did. I’ve heard people being dissapointed in themselves about their performance. It’s not a matter of ever being satisfied, but being content.

“An athlete that can perform to the best of their abilities and have contentment regardless of the outcome is a dangerous one.” Chris Spealler

You’re literally upset about the number of chest to bar pullups and overhead squats you failed to get? Think about that…how many people in America can even do 1 overhead squat and/or chest to bar pullup? The mere fact that you’re doing the Open puts you in the top 2% of the fittest community in America and the world. DON’T LOSE SITE OF THAT! You’re doing shit the majority of the world cannot and will not do, be proud of that.

Here’s the details for the rest of the Open workouts:

For the next 3 weeks we will have the Open workouts at the gym on Saturdays starting at 9am. Please plan to do your workouts at that time. The main reason is the more people that are there the better atmosphere you guys create for another. Even if you’re not signed up for the Open we want you to come down during that time to get the workout in for the experience and more importantly cheer one another on. If you cannot do it during that time, that’s okay get with a coach and you’ll do it Friday or Monday.


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