What We’ve Got Going On

What We’ve Got Going On

We wanted to keep you guys up to date on what we’ve got planned for the fall and some info for what we’ve got planned for the New Year including new 101 courses, programs, and prices. Below you’ll find a list of events that we hope you will be planning to attend along with information on what we’ve got planned for the beginning of 2015.

11OCT – Bring a Friend

18OCTUSMC Poolee Training: We will need as many volunteers as possible to help put on a training event for future Marines. We take around 40 poolees and put them through 2 hours of grueling physical training and team building exercises. This is one of the most rewarding things we do at the gym.

26OCT#ProjectRaiderWOD (yes, this is a Sunday)
15NOV – Bring a Friend
27-29NOV – Thanksgiving Member Only Competition, we will do the random team assignment that we did for the anniversary celebration. We will either do this on Thursday or Saturday.
13DEC14 – Project Wreath at Greenlawn Cemetery and PSKC Christmas Party. We will be helping Christ Community Church by laying Christmas Wreaths on the graves of veterans at Greenlawn Cemetary. Afterwards we will head to the gym for a Christmas/Passing Party

20DEC14– December Bring a Friend

Starting in 2015:

NEW 101 Program:

We take pride in our coaching. Given the proper coaching and mentoring CrossFit can be a wonderful path to lifelong health and fitness. However, we do understand it can be a little intimidating to the beginner.  Starting in January we are expanding our 3 session 101 course to a 3 week course. We will be meeting 3 times a week for 3 weeks. We want to take our time and really provide new folks with mechanical mastery of the movements. In addition to teaching the movements and workouts, we will be providing classroom discussions of nutrition, the methodology of CrossFit, and mental toughness development. We feel this will be the best path to taking folks from the street and firmly establishing a strong base to join the regular classes. We have been  beta-testing our new 101 course with great results. We will be capping the 101 program at 5 people/month, so spots will be limited.

The current 101 course is 3 sessions at $75 (25/session). The new 101 course will be $100 (12.5/session). And we’re offering a 100% money back guarantee. At the end of the 12th session if you decide you don’t like PSKC for whatever reason and don’t want to become a member. We will refund your 101 course cost, no questions asked.

If you’d like to know more email info@www.pskccrossfit.com

New Rates:

There will be a rate increase effective January 1st.

Daily Rate = $15

Autopay = $105 ($90 Military/1st Responder/Student/Nurse)

Month to Month = $125 ($110 Military/1st Responder/Student/Nurse) 

NOTE: As always, current members are LOCKED IN at the current rates FOR LIFE. If you are current member ON AUTOPAY, you will continue to pay that same rate as long as you remain on autopay. We will continue to honor our current pricing until December 31st. So if you’re wanting to join PSKC, you only have 3 101 courses left in the year to get locked in at the current pricing. If you’d like to register for the next 101 course, email info@www.pskccrossfit.com

2015 Open Prep:
Beginning in January we’ll be starting up a training cycle to prepare for the 2015 CrossFit Open. To make this a little exciting for you guys, we’re going to an intramural team league. For those who will be doing the Open (which we want ALL of you to do the Open), you’ll be “drafted” to a team. So not only are you doing the Open for all the benefits for yourself, you’re doing it to help out your team. It’s easier to give up on yourself, but a lot harder to quit on your team. At the end of the Open we’ll have a big party and give prizes to the top teams. More to come!

NUTRITION CHALLENGE: Apart of the open prep, we want to offer a nutrition challenge that coincides with all the hard training you’ll be doing for the Open. We’ve got Jeremy Mullins and Kevin Cornell scheduled for a “Never Be Too Strong Seminar” in January to help dial in your nutritional/performance needs.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have all kinds of stuff we’re working on for you all. We’re excited for what the future the brings and we know you are too!

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