What is your legacy going to be?

What is your legacy going to be?

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My apologies for not posting in so many days…been quite the busy man here lately. So here we go..lots to catch up on and I know you guys are thirsting for the PSKC on goings…

Saturday kicked ass with a classic partner suffering Pain Clinic workout..
Dave and Monica held a great class in my absence because I just simply needed a day off…was feeling a bit run down and over trained. I truly am blessed and fortunate to have two amazing coaches along side me at the gym. I owe these two a lot…so thank you Dave and Mo!

Monday was awesome as we set an attendance record with over 40 people showing up between the 6 and 7pm classes.

On Monday we started off working the kettlebell snatch, the veterans got to experience a 5 minute snatch test where you continually snatch the kettlebell for 5 minutes without setting the bell down. The ultimate goal is 100 reps with a 24kg for men and a 16kg for women. Then we flowed into a nasty and toxic little circuit of:
4 rounds of 40 seconds work/ 20 seconds rest of..
Get Up Sit Up
KB Thruster
Jumping Pullups
Sledge hammer or Slamball
Box Step ups

After the 6 and 7 classes…the Shawnee State Softball Team came in and killed another strength and conditioning session. I knew I reach the desired effect when at the end of the workout, one of the players looks up at me and says…”This place is horrible man….it really sucks”. Big props to Coach Ruby…not only does she recognize and value off season strength and conditioning..she participates in the workouts as well..leading by example at its finest.

Onto Tuesday’s work…

Starting off we broke into groups and worked on the following 3 skills/movements;
Double Clean & Press
Handstand Pushups
Hanging Knees to Elbows (K2E)

Then onto the Main Effort: We broke into 2 X 7 minute AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) of:
5 Pushups
7 Heavy KB Swings
9 Situps

3 Clean and Press each side
6 K2E
9 Squat Jumps

The time doesn’t have to be long if you’re truly putting forth maximum effort.

Today we pulled out some different movements and the focus of today was strength with a nice little finisher at the end.

The crew killing the finisher..

Workout consisted of…

Partner Up: 3 sets of 6 reps
Single Leg KB Deadlift
KB Renegade Row
Tire Flip
MB Thruster Toss (throw the medicine ball over the top of the pullup rig)
20w/10r X 8 of

Mountain Climbers – “rest” was in the plank position

So here’s something to think about. During my daily combing of the “internets” I stumbled across a fantastic article regarding Legacy. I’ll do my best to paraphrase the Practically Paleolithic article..but please click HERE to read it. 

So remember going through your old family scrapbooks? Yeah, remember when people actually took pictures with film and you actually had to take it a photo developer to see your pictures? Remember when it wasn’t a big deal to wait an hour to get your pictures developed? Anyways..for me personally, my grandfather passed away before I was born. Now of course I always heard stories about him and the kind of man he was, and going through the scrapbooks I’d be lucky to find a handful of photos of him. I’m sure this is a familiar story everywhere of people trying to learn more about their ancestors…trying to find photos, or even letters, journals, etc….trying to learn more…learning more about the legacy these people left behind.

So where am I going with this….just wait for it, it’s coming…fast forward to modern day. With Facebook and other sites…there’s essentially a digital record of your thoughts day by day, week by week, that will be available forever basically…it will be recorded digitally for your great grand children to look at…along with all your updates there will be photos and videos to view as well.

I had never really thought about this on this level before…think about it. Imagine how awesome it would have been if my grandpa had Facebook and I could go back and read his daily thoughts and see a catalog of tens of thousands of photos of him growing up…pretty damn cool I think, I could have really known who he was. Well guess what? That’s exactly what your kids and grand kids are going to be doing in 10-20-30 years from now when they want to learn about you. So my question to you is….what do you want your legacy to be? What do you want your kids/grandkids to know about you?

Will all your “war stories” end in high school or college? Or will they see pictures of you all the way from your 20s to your 70s being a physical monster…climbing ropes, rocking pullups, flipping tires, cleaning and pressing heavy weight, putting forth amazing effort…??

Which do you think they would be more proud of and set a better example of health to follow…looking at pictures of you on a bike in Spin Class, line dancing in Zumba, doing sets of bicep curls…even worse..doing nothing at all.. falling victim to the disease of assnchairitis? Imagine the signal that sends….

Or would they be more proud of you watching you bust your ass at full intensity day in and day out training like a mad man/woman no matter what your age? You know the answer….now is the time to create your legacy.

Tomorrow is another day of great training….you have your option of the 6 or 7 class to add to or start your legacy. SEE YOU THURSDAY!

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