What Drives You?

What Drives You?

When you think one more rep is impossible….yet you lock it out

When you hit the floor and just want to lay there….yet you get back up

When it’s freezing..and the kettlebell handle hurts your hand just to touch it…yet you swing it

When it’s incredibly hot the sweat stings your eyes…..yet you still have vision

When your callous is ripping….yet you still hang on the bar..

When your legs are a unique mixture of concrete and jello….yet you still jump

When you’re told you shouldn’t lift….yet you grab the chalked bar and pull

When gravity is pulling you down with the force of the universe on its side…yet you pull up

When it’s just too damn heavy to lift….yet you find a way

When the rest of the world forgets….yet you remember

When you want to quit on yourself….yet you can’t let your friends down

When you want to stop….yet you still push
When you want to be weak….yet YOU REMAIN STRONG
When it starts to get bad…when those last 2 minutes seem like 2 hours. When you want to slow down, but yet you still keep trucking through. What gets you through it? What do you focus on? Do you this for those who wish they could? What do you think about? Is it those around you who are suffering just as bad? Would do this stuff alone? Does the tribe make you stronger? Is it the shouting of the coaches, the music, the people?
Maybe it’s a mixture of all or none at all… regardless you are still the pilot of the vehicle. But the beauty is …you get to choose which vehicle you want to command.
Do you want sit in the driver’s seat of an old, slow, unmantained car with years of rust accumulated? You’re unsure if it can make it out of the driveway let alone down the highway without breaking down?
Or do you want to be excited when you strap yourself into the cockpit of an incredibly powerful all terrain machine, that is equally fast as it is powerful? It legitmately can do anything and go anywhere you want it …
But in order to get what you want you to drive….you have to have the drive within you.
Take some time to consider what is truly inside of you that keeps you going in the aforementioned examples, there’s no wrong or right answer…some are driven by critics, some are driven by just wanting to be better.
As for me, it will always be the thoughts of the US Military that keeps me going and remembering myself as a kid. As I kid I spent a significant amount of time daydreaming. Hours of playing in the woods, fueled by heroic visions of Rambo, Commando, Rocky, Bruce Lee movies, and even Best of the Best gave me lots of time to think about who I was going to be when I grew up.
As a 10 year old, the thought of being 30 was light years into the future…I had no clue what I wanted to be or do…I just knew I wanted to do something special and be good at it…whatever “that” may be.
So now what drives me is the memory of that 10 yr old kid…if he were here next to me today would he be proud? If he were there to watch me every single time I train in the gym…would he like what he sees? Would he proud of the effort I produce? Would it inspire him?
For the moment Tia and I don’t have any children, but I’m sure when he/she comes along that kid will be driving force. If your kids watched you work out would they be proud…would it inspire them?
So the next time you want to slow down, catch your breath, set the weight down, come off the bar…remember that kid you were when you were growing up fantasizing about the man/woman you would become or think about your own kids watching you….do whatever it takes to make them proud and be the example that inspires them to greatness… always remember your drive, your source of strength…
See you guys at the compound! We’ve got both Friday and Saturday 9am classes lined up for the weekend..
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