Weekend Schedule Updates:

Weekend Schedule Updates:


Sabrina the Zumba Ninja floating across fire

Feel free to print that photo off and use it as inspiration/motivation whenever times get dark!

It always get dark on the Lane of Pain…check out Wednesday’s finisher;

Here’s the deal for this weekend. All the coaches are either judging or volunteering at the Crossfit Regional Games up in Columbus this weekend so we need to switch some things around. If you guys need something to do I highly suggest you go watch these monsters compete. Details can be found HERE:

Friday: Mo’s (aka Cyborg) morning class is cancelled

Saturday: Pain Clinic has been moved earlier to 9am. This will be the standard time from now on out. Why has the time been moved? Because you guys wanted it that way! This is a perfect example of listening to the members. We are here for you guys and always take what you tell us in the deepest consideration. The best things we’ve done at the gym has been you all’s ideas, so please keep them coming.

A couple of things I need from you all. You can leave a comment here or hit us up on our Facebook page HERE

1) Paleo Kits. You guys crushed that first order! I’d like to keep a continous stock, so far I can tell the Krunch Bars are like Paleo crack. What else do you guys want?

2) Tough Mudder: Everyone had a great time at the Warrior Dash. But is there something more extreme, challenging, and possibly funner? How about if you combined 3-4 Warrior Dashes into one 10-12 mile extreme adventure obstacle course…enter the Tough Mudder!

We will do this as a team. So here’s what I need from you all. Which location do you want to do? Each location has its pros and cons. Just need to get a majority vote on this by those who are interested by next week. So we can registered and reserve our slots. The event isn’t until late October or early November (yes the water will be freezing cold!). So take your pick between Virginia and Indiana and let me know!



We will see you bright and early for the Saturday morning Pain Clinic at 9am!

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