Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Mother and Daughter bonding…after 50 burpees, you need all the love you can get.

Saturday we changed it up a little bit from the typical Pain Clinic workout. This workout was inspired from
www.roguecolumbus.com  We broke into teams of 4, and only 2 people on a team could work at a time. All reps had to be completed before moving onto the next exercise…

400 Swings
300 Situps
200 Burpees
100 Pullups
* Run as a team down to Front Row Video and back (approx 800 meters)

the end result..

Want to send a big shout to members from the PSKC who completed in the Athens, half marathon. Way to represent, Rue, Ashley, and Diane!

So Primetime hits me up on a text and says she wanted to do the workout that a few of us did last Monday. The workout is 21-15-9 of
Overhead Squats
It came on the mainsite of Crossfit a few days back. It was a burner to say the least. So Primetime decided to name it “Dickface”..
Brent later told me…..
“Nice work out. I blacked out, my feet and hands are still numb and I puked when I got home.”

Only from a West Sider…

And finally, since we are at the gym…what better way to spend some time then some kettlebell juggling. I wanted to be super bad ass and do it with a 53lb’r but hey it’s Sunday, 35 was just right..Get ready for another great week of training as we continue to gear up for the Gauntlet on May 21st! See you guys at the 6 or 7..
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