Week Recap – This Saturday’s Pain Clinic is 0800

Week Recap – This Saturday’s Pain Clinic is 0800

Hot Mess on the strict press. It is permissible to smile at the gym..

Great classes have been going down the last few days as we’ve worked a ton of different movments and skills. After Mudder Monday on Tuesday we worked on the importance of “bracing” and hitting the strict press for 7 sets of 3 reps. What is bracing? Let a man much smarter than I explain..

After locking legs down and actively pulling the rib cage down, we hit up a great finisher:
15-12-9-6 of:
Heavy Swings

Wednesday we combined the Turkish Get Up with the rope climb for the skill portion. It was great to see some people finally getting the foot lock and getting up the rope..

Then the finisher was a tabata triplet of wall balls, flutter kicks, and mountain climbers…

Tonight we introduced the tough barbell complex, see below as Mark Devine from SEALFIT demonstrates:

We partnered up and did 5 rounds of the complex increasing in weight each round.

Then it was time to get nasty and end with some bear crawl and butcher relays…

Tomorrow we have both the 9am and 5pm options. These extra classes are working out perfectly. It splits the crowds up and free equipment up. Try taking a class at a different time to mix it up and train with some people you may not have met before.

This Saturday’s Pain Clinic will be moved up to 8am. We have to get in earlier because close to 60 future US Marines are invading the compound again for a half day of basic training prep! We always love having these fine young men and women at PSKC. The volunteer response has been amazing and very much appreciated. You guys are more than welcome to stick around and watch these guys train on Saturday morning. It’s an experience you won’t forget!

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