Week In Review..

Week In Review..

Wifey with a 285 pull
Coach Trappy right behind her 275!

Another great week of training in the books. The first week of November we worked some different skills and movements and threw in some great finishers. Monday, we hit up the front squat then followed that up with a nasty Mudder workout on Tuesday.

Wednesday we worked the full Olympic snatch, as beginners learned this technical movement, while those with more comfort level got to load the bar up. Then it was time to hit up the finisher. We broke into teams and set the clock for 4 minutes and did relays of:
Traveling Burpees
Prowler/Butcher Sprints
Overhead Lunges (see below)

Thursday, we went back to basics and did an extended warm up to review the kettlebell basics. After the kettlebell warm up it was time to launch into the conditioning workout of:

Friday was time to load the bar up and pull! It turned out to be PR Friday as the chicks especially we’re getting after it! The race to 300 is heating up and we had SEVERAL chicks pull over 225 with ease.

We ended Friday’s workout with a Man Maker throwdown. Partner up, set the clock for 20 minutes and see which team could ladder up to the most rounds in 20 minutes. The Freaks got to mid-way through the 10th round when the buzzer rang!

Saturday was all about the time honored tradition of the Pain Clinic. Nothing like a good old Pain Clinic to start your Saturday morning..

Brothers from another mother…it’s pretty bad when the 50 yr old isn’t the mature one

Then we ended the week by welcoming 5 new folks to the group via the intro class! You guys are in for the ride of your life. 

We’re now 2 weeks away from the Mudder! We’ll hit it up right with tomorrow’s classic slice of Mudder pie! Mo and Trappy will be wrecking shop this week. Hope you guys are ready!
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