We Take Care of Our Own

We Take Care of Our Own

He is one of our own and he needs our help. Boston (aka Bubs, Bossman, B-man) has a cancerous tumor growing on his brain stem. Bubs is the 3 year old son of our own Coach Quadzilla (Ashley) and Joe and has probably spent more time at the gym than most of us being there with Ashley all the time.

We will follow up with a later post detailing the reason why Boston and his incredible family are so special. But for now we wanted to push out a couple of things.

GO RIGHT NOW AND DONATE MONEY BY CLICKING HERE. They are going to incur a small fortune in medical expenses as Boston undergoes radiation treatment in the future. So far, we have had donations ranging from $4-$500. Any amount no matter how small will help.

PRAY. Right now pray Boston, pray for strength, make them feel your love.


We are working on an epic fundraiser for Saturday, November 10th. Of course will be doing some workouts/lift-a-thon. But it will be more than just another workout fundraiser. We will have something for everyone! We are looking to make it a tailgate atmosphere. We will have stuff for kids, cornhole, shirts and wristbands for sale, raffles, food, and fun. Joe, Ash, and Boston plan on being there as long a medical appointment doesn’t keep them. We want to raise as much money as possible and have as much fun as possible.

We will be meeting at Port City Pub Thursday after the 530pm class is over to discuss details for the 10th. Once we get them finalized we will post them here on the blog and Facebook.

Say what you will about Southern Ohio, and we obviously have our faults, but I’ll be damned if we don’t take care of our own. Once the story our lil Bubs hit Facebook, the entire Scioto County poured their hearts and wallets out. Below is a list of fundraisers/links that we encourage you to attend. These are the ones I’m tracking, I apologize if I left something out. Email dale@www.pskccrossfit.com and I’ll get them up there.

November 1st – “Boston Marathon”
November 2nd – Benefit for Boston – Community Bake/Yard Sale
November 9th – Battle for Boston at Crossfit OKM in Hilliard OH
November 10th – Battling for Boston at PSKC – details to come

November 17th – Buckeyes for Boston – OSU vs. Michigan tickets raffle

November 18th – Battling for Boston Benefit at Minford Middle School

Scioto Smiles ongoing benefit : To help him and his family, they are offering “Smiles for Boston.” From now until December 31st, they will donate $25 of any custom home whitening kit and $75 of any in-office whitening directly to Joe and Ashley Schwamberger. Please call us at 456-1100 for more information and help us by sharing this post! Praying for a miracle for little Boston!!!

Hollywood Hair Benefit: Hollywood Hair in New Boston from Monday till Nov 17 for every hair service they are donating a portion of it to a jar for Boston!

It’s time to step up and show how we much love and care. Put yourself in this young couple’s shoes. Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love for her son.

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