some of the crew for the 9-11 Throwdown

10 Years ago on this day, close to 3000 people lost their lives. Brave men and women rushed into the towers to save their fellow Americans. In the decade that has passed we have lost 6207 servicemen and women to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Totaling both that’s close to 10,000 lives lost in the last 10 years. 10,000 families impacted…

Everyone remembers where they were 10 years ago on this day. Will you remember where you were or what you did today? What did you do today to honor and memorialize those lives? Today close to 30 people came to PSKC and will have a very amazing answer to that question.

They helped raise of a total of $3617 to support our wounded warriors and their families via the Disposable Heroes Project! 

PSKC was one of several “micro-gyms” across the country participating in the 9-11 Throwdown to help raise money for the Disposable Heroes Project. The 9-11 Throwdown was established by my friend and fellow veteran Jeremy Alan Boeh. He is proof that one man with vision and a good heart can move mountains. His goal was simple, set up a workout to help raise money for the DHP. With the power of the internet it took off. Sponsors and companies jumped on board…and more and more gyms did too. By the end of tomorrow we’ll know exactly how much money this fundraiser raised, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we several thousands dollars. And at this time, PSKC is in first place with the most money raised…so far.

9-11 Throwdown Workout

That’s incredible! The members of PSKC raised over $3600 for this! Earlier in the month I challenged the gym to step up and meet a big goal of $2000….WE SMASHED IT!! That is saying a lot considering the economic times we are all going through. Not to mention the fact Scioto County is one of the poorest counties in Ohio.

an example of the leaderboard

There are some people and local businesses that deserve special recognition for their donation efforts.

Donna Wolery of Wolery Insurance. She and her wonderful clients raised over $600

SSG Matt Rogers of the United States Marine Corps. SSG Rogers and the Poolees of RSS Huntington made awesome PSKC/USMC shirts for next week’s USMC event at PSKC. The sales of the shirts totaled $500

Luann Lockert and the Glockner Family. Their donations totaled $338

Troy Staker AKA “the Machine” of Staker Drugs donating $250

And as you can see from the photos above we had several members donate anywhere from the ballpark of $50-$200. Simply amazing guys…be incredibly proud of what you did and the lives that will be helped because of  your efforts.

Also want to thank my boys from across the river, the Kentucky crew for coming over and throwing down. Here are some action shots from today..

Thank you guys so much. Time and time again..you step it up and never cease to amaze me. We’ll be back at it strong tomorrow. We have the 9am and 6pm offerings with a 7pm open gym!

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