PSKC 2.0 is now live! Both the gym and website has undergone some much needed upgrades and renovations. Since July we have been working to get the new gym ready. We knew it was going to take an incredible amount of work, talent, and hustle…but we’re CrossFitters that’s what we do…work and hustle. Here is what the building looked like when we bought it:

before building1building before20130714_124251 20130714_124311

That’s roughly 4000 sq ft and several thousand pounds of material that had to be removed, and that was just the start of it. We took that and turned it into this…

These last two weeks a crew of amazing people spent countless hours getting the gym ready to open. The amazing thing 98% of the people that got this building ready were from inside the gym. You guys are beyond incredible. Your talents are only matched by your work ethic and attitude. We would be dead in the water without you. This is YOUR gym and we have done everything we can to give you the best environment, atmosphere, and facility to train in…it’s the least we can do for you all.

This Saturday we want you to bring a friend for free and come workout. Bring a Buddy Pain Clinic will be from 0900-1000 and immediately following we will have an open house from 1000-1200. Stick around, hang out, talk, laugh, and enjoy what you all have built. From 1000-1200 you can hit up some workouts or lifts, we’re hoping to have our in house massage therapist there as well to work on your kinks. We will also be launching our new PSKC swag shop where you can get some new shirts and headbands, or preorder the new hoodies. Also if you have some threads you’d like to put our logo on we can do that as well!

So come down and bring as many folks as you’d like to come tour the new place and get a free workout .

A new chapter begins..an exciting new chapter. Thank you guys..this is only possible through you all.

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