Warrior Dashing!!

Warrior Dashing!!


PSKC took full advantage the first time the Warrior Dash came to Ohio! About 25 people from the gym made the trip over to Hocking Hills for some muddy goodness. Throw some hill running, fire, obstacle courses, mud, beer, and turkey legs and it’s a match made in heaven.

Such a great weekend…yes it was the race/obstacle course and the overall atmosphere that made it such a cool thing, but what truly made it great was the people. A gym is only a building filled with weights and workout equipment…what makes us different than any other gym in Portsmouth, Ohio is the amazing people group of people who are the members.

More than just “members” of a gym, these people are friends. Months ago, lots of these people didn’t know one another and know they are fast becoming great friends. That is the best part about the gym..it attracts the most hard working yet fun loving people in Portsmouth. People who love to live life…

the chick in the middle has the best legs

In addition to the Dash, we all set up shop at cabin afterwards for some grilling, cornhole, and most importantly laughs..

You guys are awesome…membership is increasing and the word continues to spread about what the crazy people are doing inside an old brick warehouse. From buddy carry 5Ks, to the Gauntlet, and now the Warrior Dash..you guys are making this one helluva summer!  We will ready to throwdown on Monday..see you guys there at the 6 or 7 class!

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