Another great week of training was had at PSKC. Details about the Warrior Dash at the bottom of the pasge…

Tons of new faces at the intro, more classes added to the schedule, and great training all around. It all started with Murph on Monday, then Tuesday we worked on Turkish Get up and hit up a nasty combo of Snatches and Wall Ball (5 rounds of 15 reps each)…

Wednesday was a jam packed intro followed up by a 30 person class… we worked heavy push presses and rows, then ended with a nasty finisher of push presses and overhead lockouts and flutter kicks and holds..

Today was all about team relays. Thanks to my boy Henry at Crossfit Legion, we did a 1/2 mile Indian Run with a med ball, then relays of:
Thread the Needle with the Med Ball
Bear Crawls and Hurdles
Burpee Wars

Med Ball thread the needle
Straight pain facing..

Okay, a couple of annoucnements:

  1. Paleo Kits are in stock! Come to the gym and get them quick. Initial feedback has been awesome and I’m glad I ordered extras. First come first serve, before I make another order
  2. WARRIOR DASH THIS WEEKEND. PSKC is gonna be thick as thieves at this week. A couple of us went in and got an amazing cabin in Hocking Hills. We’d love for you guys to come and hang out with us. Please feel free to stay at the cabin on Saturday night, it sleeps 18! 
Official PSKC Warrior Dash compound!
All the details/directions to the cabin can be found HERE
Due to the Warrior Dash, Saturday’s Pain Clinic is cancelled. However, don’t forget we now offer a class Friday morning at 9am. Hope to see you guys this weekend. Don’t forget to wear your costume!!
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