Walking and Carrying..

Walking and Carrying..

Rack walks, Buddy carries, and wheel barrows

 Tonight we focused on a basic but critical skill. Carrying and walking with a heavy load. In the beginning we partnered up and did rack walks, overhead walks, wheelbarrows, and the all important buddy carry. Why the fireman/buddy carry? Right now, if you had to are you absolutely confident you could carry a adult sized person out of a burning people, car, accident, etc? Do you even know how?

That’s my 200+plus ass on Ashley…being functionally strong

So we did a quick primer on the proper way to carry a human (aka the fireman’s carry) and then we practiced this critical skill.

hopefully you’ll never have to carry your friend to safety, but at least they know how to..

Then we also did some kettlebell rack and overhead walks…watch below:

And finally since we have to cancel Saturday’s Pain Clinic in exchange for the awesome St. Paddy’s Parade Beer and Burpees event, we ended in a nice lil mini-Pain Clinic Workout.

So, I will see you guys this Saturday at 2pm for the first annual BEER AND BURPEES! Invite your friends, the workout will be pretty basic so if they haven’t taken the intro class they can still come down and get the workout in. Remember to bring whatever you wanna drink after the workout.

I will be providing a “treasure chest” of Miller Lite. It will be first come, first served. Meaning…the faster you complete the workout, the more free beer you get until it’s gone! After everyone is done with the workout, we’ll hang out for a little bit at the gym, then start walking down Chillicothe Street to catch the parade. The end destination will be Port City for an awesome post parade party. Bring your “A” game baby and your camera….a great time will be had! SEE YOU SATURDAY AT 2PM!

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