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Wake Me Up

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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Teams Of 4 – 30 Min AMRAP

P1) 3x T2B/Pull Ups

P2) 10/7 Cal Ski

P3) 4x DBall (100/60)

P4) 10/7 Cal Row

*T2B + Pull Up = 1 Rep

*Modification 1 – K2C + Kip = 1 Rep

*Modification 2 – 6 K2E

*Each person starts on a station – Cannot rotate until all stations are complete

*Goal: Unbroken on T2B/Pull Ups
>Intention is to sprint your station each round to hopefully get rest before you rotate.

> 30 min is a long time so use early rounds to get into rhythm and establish a good pace on your movements.

> High-fiving your partners between stations is guaranteed to make this workout a lot more fun!

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